I am an alumni in University of California, San Diego majoring in Computer Science.
I am a diligent and creative computer programmer with strong math foundation and proficient in algorithmic skill.
Feel free to contact me through my email.

Here is my relevant coursework:

  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Computer Organization and Systems Programming - ARM Architecture
  • Data Structures in C / C++ / Java
  • Software Tools and Techniques Laboratory (Debugging)
  • Advanced Data Structures
  • Theory of Computability
  • Software Engineering
  • Programming Languages: Principles and Paradigms
  • Components and Design Techniques for Digital Systems
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: Search and Reasoning


Automated Customer Service

AI Lab Intern. @ Shanghai Lujiazui International Financial Asset Exchange Co., Ltd. Dec.2018-Jan.2019

Automated Customer Service is a product designed to replace traditional customer service. The product is implemented with hidden markov model, naive bayes model, and neural network. The automated chatbot can manage dialogue fluently and understand customers' basic requirement. In this experience, I worked as a research intern which help research on model and implement a naive website for online experience. I studied natural language processing to understand theorem behind the chatbot service.

Hyperledger Blacklist

Blockchain Lab Intern. @ Tongdun technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. Jul.2018-Sep.2018

Hyperledger Blacklist is a product designed for blacklist protection. The product unions different platforms include government, bank, and business and share their data with privacy. The privacy is provided by consortium blockchain which allows sharing data among consortium, but not outsider. The blockchain allows distributed computation and prohibits distortion. In this experience, I worked as a research intern which help research on consortium blockchain and implement a naive model for blacklist service. I studied IBM hyperledger fabric and hyperledger composer.

Ctrip Super-Membership

Marketing Intern. @Ctrip computer technology(Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai, China Jul.2017-Sep.2017

Ctrip Super-Membership is a product designed for high-level users. The product provides users with privileges such as airport shuttle coupon and express security check coupon. The privileges come from business relationship between airport and customs. The profit comes from membership fee. In this experience, I worked as a marketing intern which help organize privileges and prepare for online activities. I studied marketing management knowledge diligently to adapt myself to changeful online business era.

More: Ctrip Super-Membership

Subway Information Exchange System

Information Technology Intern. @Mission Information Technology, Shanghai, China Aug.2016

Subway Information Exchange System is a system provide with train schedule information. The information comes from subway station scheduling. The profit comes from platform flow. In this experience, I worked as an information technology intern which help implementing basic feacture and help testing system in the controlled environment. I studied industrial environment for research and development and testing environment for debuging.

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SD Hacks 2017 - Blockchain

    This is a blockchain application which focus on tackling the problem of giving credit equally to all the contributors. It is a distributed system which make referencing other people's work more easily and the prize is more fairly distributed by all the contributors with people who you collaborate and previous work you referenced to solve this problem. This project is a first step into the world of the blockchain. This is an interesting field that definitely need more work on it and is my first project on blockchain part.

    More: Github Link

    CBS Forum

      This is a MongoDB-Express-AngularJS-Node.js based website which aim to enhance information exchange and social networking. With the growing demand for internship resource, we find out that traditional social media might not be powerful enough. Society media, such as wechat and facebook, cannot hold resource permanently. In order to hold information, as well as, to enhance social networking, we invent this CBSforum. We hope people who come here will have better job opportunity and they can bring more job resource back later.

      More: Github Link

      IEEE MicroMouse

        This is an Annual Project which corporates electrical hardware, embedded system and algorithm. For electrical hardware, we use 3D printer to print the main part of micromouse. For embedded system, we use SPI, USART and Timer to control our micromouse. For algorithm, we implement on the micromouse to make it faster.

        More: Github Link

        SD Hacks 2018 - UCSDPlanner

          Powered by the PortNPL AI assistant, SDPlanner understands your commands and does all the searching for you with one simple sentence. On the backend, by using the API of Macy's, Yelp, and TicketMaster, this app provides the users with a full-fledged event-searching experience with one simple touch. Want some inspirations? Based on your searching history, our intelligent algorithm will help you find things you may like. Just look through all the items and set the favorite with one click, SDPlanner can help you connect to the outside world.

          More: Github Link


            From our experience, University students do not want to attend lectures and study a course alone because learning is a boring process. Therefore, they are happy to find someone to go to a lecture together and study the same course in the Geisel Library. This Android application will target students who 1. Take class(se) without friends 2. Prefer group-study to self-study 3. Want to make new friends. This MeetSB is still in progress and we are looking forward to publishing it.

            More: Github Link

            IEEE Quadcopter

              This is an Annual Project which corporates electrical hardware, embedded system and algorithm. Quadcopter requies communcation between air and ground. It also requies image processing algorithm.

              Research experience

              UCSD pircnet study

              Research Assistant. @ Weibel’s Lab in UC San Diego Sep.2018 - 2019

              UCSD pircnet study is a study which researches on natural language processing and image processing. In the information era, there are a lot of tweets contain detrimental text or image. In our lab, we train model on text and image, and give them labels. With machine learning, we are able to analyze huge amount of text and image efficiently. In this experience, I worked as a research assistant which help implement a website to collect information and labels for tweets. I also research on natural lanaguage processing model and image processing model. I want to thank especially to professor Weibel Nadir who guides me through the learning.

              More: Research Link